Stakeholder programmes with long term results

Abigail's main interest in public affairs is in developing stakeholder outreach programmes using public relations and corporate communications techniques.  Programmes she has run have involved:
- creating and running coalitions
- stakeholder analysis and mapping; 
- lobbying messages and materials;
- stakeholder dialogue meeting programmes; seminars and events;
- developing scenario building days;
- press relations and placing of opinion pieces....

One of Abigail’s most stimulating assignments has been setting up and running a coalition group called Private Investors for Africa (PIA) comprising the following companies: Barclays, CFAO, Diageo, Heineken, Lafarge, MTN International, Standard Bank, Unilever.  For the PIA, she created and managed a work programme for this coalition of international companies whose aim is to identify how their companies can contribute to the growth in Africa through a thriving private sector.  This involved devising contacts and implementing projects with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the International Financing Corporation, EU as well as a number of African governments.  These projects covered a wide range of issues including: Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategies, private sector consultation platforms, Taxation and Fiscal impediments to growth, Legal and Judiciary reform, AIDS and CSR.