Corporate Communications and Public Affairs support

Sometimes it takes just an extra pair of hands or a bit more brain power to get things done.  Abigail Jones can help get a project started or done,  prepare a strategy, design research, carry it out or analyse data, draw conclusions and develop recommendations, carry out an independent assessment or audit, draft terms of reference, fill in while a member of staff is off....
With over 20 years experience in consulting, Abigail has advised European and international blue chip companies, trade associations and think tanks.  She has devised and implemented campaigns for companies, goverments and has created and ran industry coalitions that have engaged with NGOs and institutions such as the European Commission, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the UN. 
Abigail has been working internationally from her Brussels base since 1991.  She has worked on assignments around the world including Geneva, Lagos, London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC.  She is bilingual in English and French and has a good conversation level in Dutch.